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The online casino industry has over time become a big deal in the recent years, and all the key players in the industry have continuously seen a steady growth of business. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise us that new investors constantly pop up in the industry, looking to hop on the fast train to the megabucks generated within the industry.

The brick and mortar casinos aren’t hurting by any means either, in fact, they are more popular today that they have ever been. Even some of the world’s renowned gambling destinations like Atlantic City and Las Vegas are witnessing stiff competition from some of the European Based casinos and those that are continuously being developed in the Macau Strip.

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If you are a newbie in the online gaming industry, and more specifically the mobile casino gaming, then we highly suggest that you spare a few minutes and read this article as a quick introduction. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with all the information, you can head over to SlottyVegas Casino and see what they have to offer.

PS: We are specifically reviewing the SlottyVegas Online Mobile Casino platform. Every information is based on this platform though it can be applied to other casinos as well.

Do Nwnload or No-download: Which Platform Is the Best?

Nowadays, pretty much every player can enjoy playing their favourite casino game using their mobile device thanks to the fact that mobile casinos have optimized their website so that players can enjoy playing them across multiple devices. This includes websites such as SlottyVegas Casino Mobile.

Just search up the word SlottyVegas Casino Mobile, tap on the URL or download their mobile application and you’ll have access to all their services within no seconds regardless of whether you are sitting on a bus or your sofa.

But is the application the best option for you or are you best suited to playing using your device’s browser?

SlottyVegas for Mobile – Windows, Android & iOS Devices

Slottyvegas Mobile Casino has an application that’s been designed for use on Android, Windows and iOS devices. This platform has been designed for players who prefer playing their games on the move. For convenience on the go, the user interface for Slottyvegas Mobile Casino has been optimized. It is touchscreen friendly, and we liked how simple the controls are – just sweep and tap to play any game.

Secure mobile banking at the site also works the same as on the PC or no download platforms, so it’s business as usual for all the withdrawals and deposits. If you can’t seem to get enough of casino games, you’ll be pleased to know that the site is always adding new titles to their already well-decorated portfolio. These games will liven up those moments when you are stuck at home bored or on your way back home from work.

No Download Platform – For iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry & All Phones That Support Browsers

Also known as the flash or browser-based gaming, this option is suitable for all the players who otherwise don’t have enough space in their device to download and install the SlottyVegas Casino Online Mobile Software. No installation is required for this as long as you have a browser that you can log in to and play directly from the site’s homepage.

The no download platform has been optimized and uses the latest HTML5 browser technology. In order to enjoy and get the most out of the games designed for this platform, you have to ensure your browser is using the latest Adobe Flash player. Otherwise, the games will either refuse to load or keep crushing.

Which of the two options is the best option for you?

We are going to compare these two platforms in the following three areas:

  • Convenience – If you are on the move, then the download/app platform is the best option. Playing the games on the download involve logging into your account and starting to play them instantly. The load times are usually shorter than when you are playing on the flash-based platform.
  • Number of Games – The flash-based platform wins in this category. When developing slot games, all the games have been designed in a way that they can be played on the flash-based platform but not on the download platform. This the reason why you’ll always find the download platform having a few number of games.
  • Bonuses – I know this might sound peculiar to some players since all bonuses are offered the same at the casino but no! SlottyVegas Casino Mobile Online for instance usually has special offers from time to time whenever you place a bet using your mobile application.

One Username & One Password for One Account

Armed with all these useful information, the world is your oyster! Go ahead and visit the SlottyVegas Mobile Casino and logging from whatever device you feel fits your preference. This way, you’ll easily and conveniently play your favourite game making payments with any method you find convenient for your pocket. Get exploring and capitalize on the time you’ll be at SlottyVegas Casino!


Is there a dedicated SlottyVegas Mobile UK platform?

No, there’s no dedicated SlottyVegas mobile platform for UK players. The website has been designed to accommodate players from all over Europe and the world at large provided one has a mobile device. However, there are promotions and bonus offers that are often run for UK players.

What security measures does the site have in place to safeguard my personal & financial details?

Besides using the latest HTML5 technology to ensure that you can browse safely and securely, the site also employs firewalls and the 128-bit secure socket layer technology to keep your sessions private

Is there an age limit to play at the site?

All players accessing the site have to be at least 18 years of age. You have to prove your age by submitting documents such as the government issued ID to prove your age

My device keeps lagging during gameplay, what could be the reason?

The SlottyVegas mobile casino receives very high traffic at any given time. In order to have seamless gaming experience, you need to update your Adobe flash player, and browser/app.