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Depositing and withdrawing from your online casino account should be an easy and straightforward affair. You session online can easily turn into your worst nightmare with just a simple mistake, either from the casino’s side or yours. But, with common sense and choosing the right payment method offered at these casinos, you can easily avoid the disaster or mistake.

Slotty Vegas is a new popular online casino that caters to players from the UK, Ireland, Australia and the world at large. It’s a site that excites us, and we decided to write a few things about it including its banking options. If you are keen to know how you can get your money into your account and out of it, read on. The guide also includes a few advantages that come with the payment options it has to offer!


Different Payment Options Offered at SlottyVegas

Debit/Credit Cards

For years, debit/credit cards have been the most popular method of making payments online – including at different online casinos such as SlottyVegas. This is because this method of payment is very easy to use, convenient as it’s accepted in more than 150 countries globally and most importantly, it offers one of the best security online.

SlottyVegas deposit and withdrawal options support the use of debit/credit cards. All you need in order to use this is to ensure that you’ve entered the correct account details, have cash in your account and have your mobile phone close to you because you’ll have to enter the code into your account to complete your transaction.

Popular debit/credit card options used online (including at SlottyVegas) include Maestro, MasterCard, and VISA.

Vouchers and Prepaid Cards

The use of vouchers and prepaid cards as a method of making payment at the online casinos found popularity mostly during the era when the online gambling industry was facing a lot of insecurities. Players were losing their personal and financial information to scammers online, mostly because of signing up at unknown and unlicensed casinos.

To counter this, some financial companies such as Paysafecard and Ukash introduced the prepaid cards and vouchers. While Ukash hasn’t managed to survive to date, especially in the online gambling industry, Paysafecard continues to enjoy popularity online, and casinos such as Slotty Vegas accepts it. SlottyVegas Casino withdrawal and deposit services are supported by this payment option.


eWallets is an acronym for electronic wallets. It’s a payment option(s) that act as an intermediary between the online casino and your bank account. You deposit cash from your bank account into the eWallet then deposit cash to your account from the eWallet itself. The result is it eliminates any chances of having your personal or financial information landing in the wrong hands.

eWallets are quickly becoming popular online with people using them on their day to day basis. At SlottyVegas Casino, you can choose from a wide range of eWallets to make both deposits and withdrawals within the shortest time possible. Some of those that are widely accepted and used internationally include Skrill, Neteller, Zimpler, among others.

One advantage of using eWallets is that SlottyVegas money withdrawal time is shortened considerably. While other payment options take between 2-5 days to have your withdrawal request processed, eWallets take up to a maximum of 12 hours.

What Are the Aspects of Using These Payment Options?

Different payment options come with different advantages. The following are some of the key advantages for each of the mentioned categories.

Debit/Credit Cards

Advantages Disadvantages

Safe and very secure

Accepts large deposit and withdrawal limits

Accepted in more than 150 countries, meaning you can access your money easily

Companies behind the service have a reputation for offering fast, safe and reliable services

Processing time for withdrawals takes long

Most banks have restrictions imposed on the cards and debit cards

Voucher/Prepaid Cards

Advantages Disadvantages

Extra security on all the transactions carried out on the site

Higher limits than the debit/credit cards

Bettors say the fees imposed on this option are also friendly as compared to the debit/credit cards

Widely used in Europe only, restricting the use to European countries


Advantages Disadvantages

Of all the payment options, it’s the most popular payment options

Very fast, secure and safe transactions

Very friendly fees. Most offer a flat commission of 10% on your transaction

Frequent offers and promotions whenever you use them

Casinos don’t seem to like eWallets and exclude them from their promos. This applies to Sloty Vegas Casino